Final Edit

This is my groups final edit, the editing stage took us about 4 weeks. I completed the majority of our editing with the help of Dora during the voice audio, as she took charge in filming the speech of Kyle and Bella. However apart from that I independently edited the majority of it all myself.


Evaluation 8: Audience Feedback

For our evaluation 8, we asked some friends to give us some positive as well as negative feedback on our Final Edit.

When it came to asking for audience feedback, we tried different platforms and interesting ways of documenting the data and opinions. The group firstly made a video where Dora asked some of the girls in our house while I helped film, their opinions on our final edit. I think it is very important to get feedback from other people, as it can help improve a lot of overall ideas.

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These pictures below show our analytics from the Final Edit on my YouTube Channel. These stats show a lot of different information including where the people are watching them from in the world.

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Evaluation 7: Progression to Final Video

What do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

This video shows Dora and I talking about the skills we have been able to pick up from the prelim task all the way until the final product was met. We covered a variety of different skills and improvements in filming our final edit (shots) as well as lighting and props. Also we had a much longer time to cast our actors which meant we were able to find the perfect person for each main character.

Evaluation 6: Technologies Learnt

What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

For our editing we used iMovie, editing on a MacBook Pro was quite easy and I was able to learn the different shortcuts and techniques. Editing is a very important stage and in some way the most critical part of the whole production stage. imovie

During our editing stage, I was able to bring together all the shots and scenes my group filmed. I took charge in the editing where I edited the majority of the work myself. I was able to learn techniques during the prelim task as well as in practise before hand. We also used iMovie to produce and include the titles, as a group we decided together which font would look best with the rest of our genre.


We used a Nikon Coolpix to film our opening scene to a Film Noir movie. This is a nikonvery good and easy camera to work with, as not only does it have a long battery life and lot of storage but all the shots are very clear. When filming stationary spots or pans, we used a tripod which had adjustable legs so that we could differ the height of it. We were able to test and practice with the camera during the filming stage and prelim task. We were very lucky over the fact we had a long time to film compared to the prelim task where we had one day. Having multiple days meant that we were able to perfect every shot and test different shots with the camera.

For the exhibiting of our final piece we used YouTube. YouTube is a huge platform that is easily accessible for many people, a huge audience means that we were able to get a huge about of client feedback. I used YouTube to convert the Final piece stYoutube-icon.jpgraight from iMovie using the ‘Share’ button. Using YouTube we were also able to find non-copyright music for our film with the use of the artist ‘Nicholas Payton’. We took about 2 hours to find the perfect piece and as soon as we heard his song we knew that it was perfect!


Evaluation 5: Attracting Our Audience

How did you attract/address your audience?

For evaluation 5, I annotated our final edit. This can be done by going on YouTube and then going to the settings bar and clicking ‘End Screen and Annotations’, this then meant that I could manage each notes to the specific part and talk about why the audience would be interested in seeing my film.

Evaluation 4: Perfect Audience

Who would be the audience for your media product?

Before our final edit was produced, during the planning stage I researched for our perfect target audience members. From the research I completed using the website ‘uk tribes’, as a group we believe that the three main types of people that would be perfect audience members would be creative people, stylers and finally the hipsters. I still believe that our target audience is Hipsters who have a genuine interest in


This is Chris, he is a 36 year old who lives in London with his wife and 3 young children aged between the ages of three and seven. He works as a marketing director, where his schedule is very busy and physically demanding, but his family have been very lucky by living a stable, quite wealthy lifestyle.

Chris is very interested in the technology in the 21st Century as he relies very heavily on his iPhone and Apple laptop, although he is still very enthusiastic about the Film Noir genre. Having a very physically demanding job, Chris’ ideal evening would be to come home after a long day to a glass of whisky and then to settle down to watch a Film Noir movie after a relaxing home cooked meal with his family.

Being a 1980s child, it is quite unique and different that he enjoys listening to old fashioned film noir style music from the 40s, but he grew to love it when he married his wife who loves the genre. He is a middle aged hipster who is interested in old fashioned genres like Film Noir which was a very common genre in the early 1940s to the late 1950s.

Other than Film Noir genre films, Chris has a passion for the genre of Action which is still common in many Film Noir movies, for example in ‘Murder, My Sweet’ which is a 1944 American Film Noir. Chris’ favourite action TV series lately has been ‘Games Of Thrones’ and his favourite film of all time being ‘Double Indemnity’.

Overall, I think that Chris would be my perfect target audience member, this is because he has a genuine interest and passion for the genre.

Evaluation 3: Prezi

What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

For evaluation 3, I decided to create a Prezi. I used Prezi to document my work as it’s a different platform from the common powerpoint way of displaying ones work. I was also able to explore the Prezi app during this and also learn new skills.

In the Prezi I explored and answered 5 main bullet points:

  • Why we chose our logo?
  • Why we chose our production company name?
  • Why production companies are important?
  • How distribution works in the media?
  • How our film is attracting certain production companies?

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Evaluation 2: Director’s Commentary

How does your media product represent particular social groups?

For evaluation 2, we had to complete a director’s commentary of our final piece. This was filmed in my room, where I took our final edit from Youtube using the website ‘KeepVid’ and downloaded it to ‘Splice’. Splice is an app where I can record audio of me speaking over the initial final video. In this director’s commentary, I included the plot of the opening video as well as the establishing shots throughout the opening of the film.